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Samsung’s smart TVs are getting smarter next year.The Korean company announced todaythat it will showcase its 2014 Smart TV at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, which features improved voice interaction capability by focusing on the most frequently-used functions and taking usage patterns into consideration.Users can change their TV channel in one step by just saying the channel number, unlike Samsung’s 2013 Smart TV which requires a two-step channel change. When using voice interaction to search for information, a pop-up window appears on the bottom of the TV with search results, and users can move to the app and see the details.

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Samsung is reportedly introducing the Galaxy Note 3 Active next month, a version of the phone launched just weeks ago that incorporates Samsung’s new YOUM flexible OLED display technology. A Samsung official supposedly confirmed the release with the Asian Daily, but the company currently hasn’t released any official information.


Sources claim this version of Samsung’s phone will come packed with a high-end metal chassis. The device will also be joined by a second, cheaper model seemingly addressing the iPhone 5C with an LCD screen and lower mainstream hardware. Whether these two devices actually make it outside Samsung’s home market of Korea is unknown at this point.


Looks like we may be getting ready to see a 64-bit Android phone from Samsung in the near future. A number of reports surround this conclusion, starting with Samsung’s own admission that it plans to produce a 64-bit chip. The news arrived immediately after Apple introduced its iPhone 5S packing a 64-bit A7 chip, which coincidentally was manufactured using Samsung’s 28 nm high-k metal gate technology.

Recent reports have suggested that the upcoming chocolaty build of Android 4.4 “KitKat” will introduce 64-bit support. To some degree, Android has always had baked-in 64-bit support thanks to its Linux roots. Even Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin recently admitted that 64-bit support has been a part of the platform for a long time. But in the latest “Who Writes Linux” report, the Linux Foundation states that some of the 2012-2013 Linux kernel development highlights include support for 64-bit ARM architecture.

As seen with the new iPhone 5S, Apple chose not to take advantage of the new A64 memory capacity allowance, shipping the device with a mere 1 GB of LPDDR3 memory. The company may eventually cram 2 GB into the iPhone 6 and perhaps 4 GB into theiPhone 6S. Meanwhile, Samsung is already shoving 3 GB memory sticks into phones, and it’s only a matter of time before that number doubles.,23121.html