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Suppose someone recommends a book, like I’m about to do. “Oh, hey, you gotta read Mitchell Zuckoff’s ‘Frozen in Time.’ Total page-turner. Couldn’t put it down.”Because you’re a smart shopper, you know that different e-book sellers often have different prices. But short of going from one Web site to another (or, if you’re a smartphone or tablet user, one app to another), how can you find the best deal on that particular title?Actually, all you need to do is visit one site. Here’s the easy way to score the lowest price on e-books:Step one: Open your browser and head

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The DIY Kindle Scanner works by taking screenshots of each page of an e-book. The contraption holds the Kindle up in front of the camera on a laptop. The robot presses the “next page” button, takes a snapshot, and continues the process until it has captured a DRM-free version of the book.The captured images get sent to a cloud text recognition service that generates a plain-text file, creating a practical final product that could conceivably be shared or used without the shackles of DRM, though Purfathofer isn’t necessarily promoting that idea.

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 Amazon may hand out its rumored Kindle smartphone to consumers for free. Sources said that the company is shooting for a completely free device, meaning there may not be any financial “contracts” like a two-year wireless contact or a required Amazon Prime subscription commitment

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