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Monthly Archives: March 2014

We’ve known for a while that the NSA has spied on German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other international leaders, but it now looks like that surveillance was just the tip of the iceberg. Der Spiegel and The Intercepthave published an Edward Snowdenleak revealing that the NSA snooped on as many as 122 foreign heads of state in 2009, ranging from Merkel to Ukranian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. A custom search system, Nymrod, helped the US agency both locate transcripts of those leaders’ communications as well as secret reports. The National Security Council tells The Intercept that President Obama’s administration hasn’t tracked Merkel and doesn’t plan to start, but it also didn’t deny that the German leader had once been under close watch.

New documents from Snowden indicate that the NSA hacked into and stole documents, including source code, from the Chinese networking firm Huawei. Ironically, this is the same firm that the U.S. government has argued in the past was a threat due to China’s possible use of the same sort of attacks.

Just days after NSA leaker Edward Snowden sat for a rare remote interview broadcast at SXSW, new information linked to his original trove of data indicates that the NSA implemented some of its surveillance activities by masquerading as Facebook servers.

The NSA doesn’t just hack foreign computers. It also piggybacks on the work of professional for-profit hackers, taking over entire networks of already-hacked machines and using them for their own purposes.That’s one of the surprising details to emerge from the latest Edward Snowden leaks.

If the president tried to dismantle the NSA or CIA, Assange is convinced that he would be impeached and the agencies would destroy him because they “have dirt on him.” In fact, he said the NSA “has dirt on all of us,” suggesting that the Government has spent the last several years harvesting information with which to black mail the American public.

On Friday, Glenn Greenwald’s new website The Intercept published a number of internal NSA documents that didn’t necessarily reveal any great state secrets, but instead cast some light on the NSA’s office culture. Those documents, leaked by former security contractor Edward Snowden, were actually from an advice column series, written by a 20-year veteran of NSA management under the pen name “Zelda.”

Read what the Atlah World Wide Missionary Church has post in the middle of Manhattan, New York City:

“This is devastating what Obama is doing to the black man and the black woman, and how the white homo is now moving into the black neighborhoods looking for black men that have been converted into homosexuality. But black woman let me say something to you: you have a very hard time competing against a white homosexual male. He’s usually got money — a white homo usually has an American Express card. He usually has an opportunity at the theater — homos love the theater. They love to go out to dinners, parties, they love that kind of a thing… black people need to rise up in mass and recognize the utter destruction that Obama is going in to destroy the black family with these homosexual statements that he has done and release of demons.”

Hear it from the sociopath James David Manning, the pastor of the church, in this following video clip:

The fact that Mr Manning believes that it is so simple for straight black men to leave women behind and elope with homosexual males only point to one thing. Mr Manning is a closeted homosexual who has covered up his sexuality by embracing and  peddling religious dogma.

This week, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni signed into law a brutal anti-gay bill that includes life sentences for engaging gay sex and same-sex marriage. It puts many in the country in a dangerous situation with nowhere to go — until now. In a somewhat surprising move, Scotland has officially declared it will offer asylum to “any Ugandan” persecuted by the new laws.

Humza Yousaf, a Scottish member of parliament and minister for external affairs, wrote a letter to UK Foreign Secretary William Hague urging him to “offer asylum to any Ugandans who feel threatened or persecuted by the legis­lation.” He added, “Scotland will play her part in providing asylum for those seeking refuge from this draconian legislation.”

“The Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda is a huge step back for equality and I have written to the UK Government asking it to make the strongest possible representations to the Government of Uganda,” Yousaf wrote.

Yousaf’s letter comes shortly after Uganda strengthened its already draconian anti-gay laws and Scotland readies itself for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games this summer, when prominent members of the Ugandan government are expected to arrive in the city. However, despite any participating nation’s possible attempts, Scotland will work its hardest to be a safe and welcoming place for all athletes and guests.

“No one from any part of the Commonwealth who visits Scotland will be under any doubt about our values as a welcoming, open and tolerant society,” Yousaf wrote in his letter. He later said, “Ugandan legislation flies in the face of Scotland’s values as a welcoming, open and tolerant society and we will continue to monitor the situation closely.”

Uganda, which is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, has already had numerous anti-gay laws for several years, but the new Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Act, 2014 (formerly known as the “Kill the Gays bill”) appears to be one of the most severe anti-gay laws in the world. It criminalizes all same-sex relations involving Ugandans both domestic and abroad , as well as the “promotion of homosexuality.” Offenders often face life in prison.

But perhaps Yousef’s letter isn’t going far enough. According to a recent report by theKaleidoscope Trust, a UK-based charity set up in 2011 to pressure Britain’s politicians on LGBT rights in the Commonwealth, same-sex relationships are still criminalized in 41 of the 53 Commonwealth states with penalties including life imprisonment and even death. So while Uganda’s recent bill is the newest example of heinous anti-gay legislation, there’s still a lot of work to be done, but the Kaleidoscope Trust thinks now is a good time to act, saying, “We have always felt the Games had an important part to play in tackling the scandal of LGBT abuses in the Commonwealth and welcome the Scottish Government taking the bull by the horns.”

The UK’s Foreign Office has not yet responded to Yousaf’s letter, but in a previous statement, Hague said, “We ask the government of Uganda to protect all its citizens and encourage tolerance, equality and respect. We will continue to press the government of Uganda to defend human rights for all, without discrimination on any grounds.”

California, Illinois, New York: three states where gay marriage is or will become legal within the next six months—and three states where less than half of people see gay sex as “morally acceptable,” estimates suggest. Of all the changes in attitudes toward LGBTQ issues over the last decade, perhaps this is the most remarkable: Americans seem to have concluded that what happens in other people’s bedrooms is none of their business.

There are lots of interesting findings in a new study released by the Public Religion Research Institute last week. Millennials are nearly twice as likely as their grandparents to support gay marriage, including the half of the young people who identify as Republicans. Many religious Americans have changed their minds on the issue since 2003, and a majority of Jews, white mainline Protestants, and white and Hispanic Catholics now support the issue. And since 1999, the proportion of Americans who support gay adoption has increased by 20 percentage points. Today, 58 percent support it, as opposed to 38 percent.

But the most surprising statistics are buried toward the end of the study. A majority of those surveyed said that sex between adults of the same gender was morally wrong. It was a slim majority—only 51 percent—and roughly 43 percent said that gay sex is fine. There were regional differences, too. About half of Californians and Floridians had no objection to gay sex, while only a third of Texans were okay with it.

Well, at least they are not claiming that it is unnatural to engage in homosexual sex. Morality is after all a human artifact derived to a large extent from religious dogma.  In time people will come to understand the natural expression  of homosexuality and apply to it more enlightened moral standards  that are not in conflict with the natural expression of human sexuality.

Sadly, many heterosexual still have a false sense of sexual entitlement  that makes them believe their sexuality is right and that homosexuality is wrong.   But, homosexuality is as right as heterosexuality; in the same way being right handed is as right as being left handed. No mankind is not in danger of ending because of homosexuality. The majority of homosexual can engage in sex with the opposite sex and reproduce. So can the majority of men engage in sex with other men, as evidenced by the behavior of heterosexual men in prison.  In fact, close to 60% to 80% of homosexual have off springs and are married to members of the opposite sex. The percentage of homosexual that have embraced their authentic sexual orientation and living as gay  is between 20% to 40% of homosexuals.