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Satya Nadella: Let’s even take a couple of different dimensions to it. I think everyone’s going to be in the cloud and no one’s going to be exclusively on one public cloud; that’s the dichotomy. So it means you’ll be using multiple SaaS applications that could be in multiple clouds, you might even still have a private cloud, not just private servers, but you may have a private cloud and a public cloud. So if distributive computing isn’t going to die, it’s actually going to be thriving even in the year 2020 or 2030, then (our goal is) imagining that future and making it easy for end users to use their devices that they have to be able to access corporate information and for corporations to be able to have controls that allow them to give per device and user access. That’s the future that we build for, not the old model of IT procures and provisions but the model where end users procure and IT governs. That’s the model that I see.


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