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You have to hand it to the right-wing noise machine.  They’re not exactly the brightest bulbs in the box.  To wit: Lead far-right Web site WorldNetDaily is now writing about growing speculation that conservative anti-gay Republican Illinois congressman Aaron Schock is gay.

Let’s just say that WorldNetDaily – one of the most-read, albeit crazy, right-wing Web sites out there – didn’t exactly do Schock any favors by repeating the allegations, and thus ensuring that the entire conservative echo chamber is now aware that there is some question in some quarters as to Schock’s sexual orientation.

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  1. What I find disturbing about the article is the assumption that because Aaron Shock has at times embraced the garb and persona of a stereotypical gay man, that that makes him “gay”. This would be the equivalent to assuming that anyone embracing the stereotypical behavior and dress code of a low income inner city black youth is, well, black.

    Indeed the sociopath Mr Aaron Shock, even if not that bright, is quite capable of embracing popular gay culture camouflage in order confuse his critics. Yes it is possible that he might be a homosexual, as numerous studies have shown that homophobes have a higher incidence of being homosexuals as they are more sexually aroused by gay porno than men who are not homophobic and self-label as straight.

    In Mr Aaron case, I would be more suspicious that he is a homosexual were he to embrace an extremely stereotypical masculine demeanor, as that is often the camouflage that highly closeted homosexuals, and secret transvestites married to women embrace.

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