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Norman Lamb said the practice had “no place in modern society” but the Government was not planning to ban it, he explained in a Commons debate. He was speaking after Labour MP Sandra Osborne called a special debate in Westminster Hall in which she urged ministers to impose regulation on the psychotherapy sector.


Norman Lamb









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  1. Even in places like New York City, some psychiatrists still will administer drugs to a patient interested in “relegating their homosexuality to fantasy”, but most are likely to inform such patients that such a therapy is unlikely to work.

    I had the horrible experience of being close friends with a man who was undergoing such a therapy and to hear him on a regular basis comment that he was “being bad” when he thought of men sexually, or when he would be aroused by a man, something that his psychiatrist was attempting to treat using anti anxiety medication. That has to rank as perhaps one of the worse experiences I have ever had. Eventually the man came to accept his homosexuality and admit to himself that he was a homosexual, something that he had been trying to hide for over 30 years of his life. Sadly, he was going through the therapy in part to mitigate his delusional heterosexual wife’s demand that he be totally monogamous with her or face a divorce; a divorce that in order to control him she had rigged up in a way that would have left him financially devastated, something she achieved after using his guilt, emotional blackmail, internalized homophobia, shame, and self-loathing to coerce him into signing documents that left her in control of nearly all of his real assets and future cash flow. Eventually this profoundly selfish and unempathetic person reluctantly accepted that he was a homosexual, but demanded in a document she penned and titled “What does my heart desire” that he only love her and never a man; the upshot of not abiding by her delusional demands were clear, he would have to face the consequence of a divorce with all the financial nightmare she had nefariously rigged up.

    Essentially, she accepted him having sexual contact with a man provided he “never looked at the guy in a loving way” and relegated his relation with the man to a regular ‘fuck and go’ arrangement with perhaps some socializing, but with absolutely no love whatsoever. Her husband would speak secretly behind her back about how much he desired the love a man, but she was completely intransigent and fixated in her self-serving ways. Even though her gay husband found her “physically repulsive” and would speak about it regularly, a fact she eventually learned in glorious details, this deranged person entertained some fancy ideas about being his romantic lover, his “it”, his “popcorn love”, something he would be forced to partially playact for her just to keep her from breaking things around the house, and behaving somewhat civil. But he would later complain behind her back about having to playact for her by saying things like, “Imagine having to be ‘lovy dovy’ with someone you find so unattractive… She wants me to put her picture on my desk at work, but I don’t want to. I don’t want to”. Yes he loved her in a special way, which meant that he wanted her to find a man to take care of her heterosexual sexual/emotional needs and be her lover while she remained very close friends with her gay husband. Such was the depth of her false sense of sexual supremacy; as a heterosexual person, she felt the absolute right to dictate what her homosexual husband could feel for another man, and she was ready to force him to abide unconditionally, or face the horrors she had rigged up for him using even threats of blackmail: life long poverty.

    Needless to say, as a self-respecting gay man, I felt utterly disgusted by her complete disrespect of her husband’s emotional needs and accused her of human rights violations against a gay man, and of having a false sense of sexual entitlement. Indeed very often heterosexual people have a very difficult time accepting that homosexuality is a natural phenomenon finding expression across myriad of species. Unlike other animals, humans try to make right the natural expression of homosexuality with laws and social norms that reflect religious norms based on observation of averages, (the fact that almost everybody has brown eyes in a certain part of the world, does not mean that everybody should have brown eyes in that part of the world). This is where the dominant human belief that homosexuality has a cure comes from. Such a belief is a wrongheaded, barbaric, and as unnatural as the assumption that a left handed person should be cured into being a right handed person, or that a person with blue eyes should be cured into having brown eyes.

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