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SAN FRANCISCO — For Google, the map of the future is taking everything it knows about you and the world and plotting it in real-time as you move through your life.”We can build a whole new map for every context and every person,” said Bernhard Seefeld, product management director for Google Maps, speaking at theGigaOm Roadmap 2013 conference. “It’s a specific map nobody has seen before, and it’s just there for that moment to visualize the data.”Like the early days of map making that told stories of discovery and created more of an emotional connection with the unfolding world, Google wants to build what Seefeld called “emotional maps that reflect our real life connections and peek into the future and possibly travel there.”Google’s context-aware maps will require refining and extending the underlying map data, and combining it with the kind of personal data from applications that powers Google Now, the company’s personal digital assistant technology.

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