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Android Police has noticed that Google finally added the remote device lock feature to the Android Device Manager. Google’s service actually began rolling out back in early August, offering Android device owners means to track their tablet or smartphone via GPS, and reset the device back to factory defaults if it cannot be recovered. Up until now, the ability to lock a device remotely was not available.

However Google’s updated Android Device Manager web interface now includes a “Lock” button situated between the “Ring” and “Erase” buttons. After hitting this button, device owners are prompted to enter a new password that will be used to lock the device (don’t reuse your Google Account password). After the password has been set, Android will ask for the password when the device is activated. This password will be the default method of unlocking the device until it’s manually changed within Android’s on-device Security settings.

To make sure Android Device Manager is working on your Android devices, go into Google Settings and locate the Android Device Manager settings. Then make sure that both “Remotely locate this device” and “Allow remote lock and factory reset” options are checked. Android Device Manager is compatible with devices running Android 2.2 or above.



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