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In this video, a young Bangladeshi man discusses the choices that his parents presented to him when he told them he was gay. They gave him the choice of “praying the gay away”, “marrying a woman”, or “becoming celibate”.

This impressive fellow argues that homosexuality is not about sex, but about love, and presents clearly and convincingly his points.


One Comment

  1. Someone commented in youtube:

    “you dont drink because its Haram, you dont steal or murder because it’s haram, you dont eat pork because its haram, but commit sodomy? some of the laws od God are hard and easy for different people at different times. You have to realise that THIS is a test specifically for you and you can get over it if you CHOOSE to. May Allah guide us to the straight path. May God reward you for the good you do”, Muhammad ibn Uthman.

    Someone’s response to the above comment:

    “Sorry, but your argument holds as much water as claiming that having blue eyes is Haram and that therefore you should blind yourself. Homosexuality is a natural phenomenon expressed in multitudes of species. Read the book:
    Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity, by Bagemihl”,

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