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If you look at the Russian propaganda, like a recent insert bundled with your New York Times, you might be led to believe that things just might not be that bad for gay people in Russia. Talk to a couple of teachers about the witch hunt to out and fire the country’s gay teachers, and you’d find out otherwise.

“I received a message on ‘VKontakte’ [Russia’s verison of Facebook] from a user named Valkiria Repina (according to the ‘Alliance of Heterosexuals,’ that is the pseudonym of a man involved in attacks on LGBT demonstrations in St. Petersburg. Ed.). Repina told me to resign at once, otherwise they would ‘ruin my life’.” Russian teacher Olga Bakhaeva told the Russian publication, explaining that she was eventually blackmailed, that stories about her sexuality were leaked to the media, and that her posts on her personal VKontakte page were deemed propaganda. Bakhaeva was eventually forced to resign. 

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