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When same-sex marriage became law in July this year it was a victory for gay rights and another step towards complete equality. But for a whole section of the LGBT community, it seems there is still some way to go.

A BBC report on the worrying issue of homophobia in the UK’s care homes claimed that elderly gay and lesbian people are suffering homophobic bullying from care staff. The report highlighted the case of a woman who faced carers praying for her because she is a lesbian and another refusing to care for her because of her sexuality.


Much of the gay hatred in the third world was the result of  the spread of hate speech against homosexuality by christian missionaries .   So we are are confronted with comments like:

In recent time I found that gay marriage, which is homosexuality and lesbianism, is eating deep into the fabric of our human nature all over the world and this was why nations of Sodom and Gomora were destroyed by God because they were into gay practice,” Amalaha was quoted by This Day Live, a Nigerian news website, as saying.


My comment:

Societies that marginalize homosexuality, not only create victims of gay, they also create victims of the women that marry homosexuals, also the children of such men. It is estimated that close to 4 million homosexuals are married to women in America alone.  Many of these homosexual felt that by marrying women and embracing a “straight life style” they were going to be able to abandon their sexual orientation.  Were they wrong!  Sure many of these guys are suppressing their sexuality and venting their anger and frustration on their families. Many of these men were encouraged by religious figures to abandon their sexuality and marry, and most were told that their sexual orientation would realign itself with the sexuality most commonly observed in the population.

It is safe to estimate that the most oppressive a society become towards homosexuals the more victims that emerge  as a result of the practice in the society. In America alone, something like 33% of homosexual choose to foreclose on their sexual orientation and marry women, the proportion of people affected in the society as a result of such a practice is upwards of  15 million when wives, and children are taken into consideration.  Imagine all the wasted happiness, and hatred that religious institution create when they open spew their hate speech against men, and gay women.

A skinhead group in Russia has been posting personals to gay dating sites in order to lure young men to remote locations, torture, and humiliate them. Then they post the video online as a warning to others: It’s not safe to be gay in Russia! (Read the full story.) Vladimir Putin is an Orthodox Christian who claims to pass legislation consistent with the teachings of the church, but recent episodes of homophobic violence in Russia should serve as a cautionary tale for the rest of us, particularly my sisters and brothers on the Christian Right. Sometimes laws that intend to promote a vision of Christian morality can lead to immoral and unchristian outcomes.

Tennessee, has tried twice now to pass a law like Putin’s. The so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill also stokes fears about “homosexual activists” targeting minors. The most recent version of the bill not only bans public school teachers from discussing non-heterosexual issues, but it also requires school personnel to report suspected gay students to their parents. The “Don’t Say Gay” bill promises to make not just the schools, but probably the entire state, a hostile environment for gay youth. Just like Russia.

Proponents of the “Don’t Say Gay” bill may truly believe they are protecting children, but the outcome will create an environment that may kill kids. 


At a time when more and more bashings of people suspected of being gay in New York City’s village we have this positive news:

Gay NYPD cops seek honor for hero sergeant who came out three decades ago
Community Board 2 on Tuesday will address a proposal to rename a block in Greenwich Village as Sgt. Charles H. Cochrane Way. The block is home to St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church, where Sgt. Charles Cochrane and a dozen gay NYPD members met to talk about creating the Gay Officers Action League.

It would be nice if they also named a street in the village after the Gay man, Marc Carson,   who was shot in the village by a homophobe on May 18, 2013.


In Nigeria the government tried to make being gay an offense worthy of 14 years in jail. The following link leads to an interview with Michael Ighodaro a gay activist from Nigeria given asylum in the US:

At 27, Michael Ighodaro has lived through enough life-changing experiences to fill the pages of a memoir, yet his work has only just begun. From his beginnings as a grassroots organizer supporting homeless gay teens from a street corner in Benin to founding the first Nigerian organization to support HIV-positive gay men and on to becoming one of the leading African gay rights advocates, Michael’s accomplishments haven’t been gained without struggle. Suffering a brutal attack last October, Michael has been granted political asylum in the U.S. and currently lives in New York, where he and I spoke about the events that brought him here and the current state of affairs for the LGBT community in Nigeria.

Daniel Lyons: What is it like right now to be gay in Nigeria?

Michael Ighodaro: As you may know, Nigeria stigmatizes gay people a lot, so recently they were trying to pass a bill that says any gay person can go to jail for 14 years just for being gay. And if your family — brothers or sisters, parents — know that you are gay and they do not turn you in, then they too can go to jail for up to 10 years. It makes life very difficult. You can’t get an apartment, for instance, because if a landlord knows that you are gay, then they wont rent to you, for fear of going to jail. Two males cannot share a room, because it would be assumed that they are gay. So, yeah, your mom, your dad, brothers, sisters, landlords, friends, everyone around you cannot know that you are gay, because if they do, they will become agitated and stay away.

Click the text above for the whole interview.


Sister Margaret Farley — a Catholic nun who graduated, taught and served as a board trustee at the University of Detroit-Mercy and is a retired Yale Divinity School professor — is not shutting up about supporting gay marriage and other positions that prompted the Vatican last year to censure the prominent theologian’s book on sexual ethics.


Daniel Baer, was nominated by President Obama to serve as the ambassador of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), becoming the fourth openly LGBT person to serve as a U.S. ambassador. Earlier this week, Baer uploaded a video of him sharing the mission of OSCE, detailing what he hopes to accomplish in his new position, and introducing his family – his partner Bryan and their greyhound Cleo.

Watch Video:


A new drive has been launched to help address homophobia in football, with footballers invited to wear rainbow laces in their boots next weekend.

Stonewall – the gay rights charity – and Paddy Power are part of a campaign that will see sets of laces sent to all Premier League and Football League teams over the next week, as well as sides in the Scottish Professional Football League.

Those involved hope the Right Behind Gay Footballers campaign will help the sport take a stand against homophobia, with players urged to wear laces this weekend in support.

Stonewall deputy chief executive Laura Doughty said: “It’s time for football clubs and players to step up and make a visible stand against homophobia in our national game.

Watch video:


Cher has always been an outspoken ally to the gay community, so when “The Voice” advisor received an invitation to perform at the upcoming Winter Olympics in Russia, she rejected the offer due to Russia’s recent anti-gay laws.
“I can’t name names, but my friend called who is a big oligarch over there and asked me if I’d like to be an ambassador for the Olympics and open the show,” Cher says in an interview with Canadian magazine MacLean’s. “I immediately said no. I want to know why all of this gay hate just exploded over there. He said the Russian people don’t feel the way the government does.”



NEW ORLEANS – Thousands of visitors rolled into New Orleans last month for Southern Decadence: five days of celebration of gay culture in a city now being promoted by tourism officials as a honeymoon site for same-sex newlyweds – despite the state’s constitutional ban on gay marriage.

“Gay and lesbian couples want to do what everyone else wants to do, which is listen to great music, go to bars and nightclubs, get some of the best food in the world, and enjoy our culture,” bureau spokeswoman Kelly Schulz said.



Is HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, spread through secret rings gay men wear? Pat Robertson says yes. On a recent episode of the 700 Club, televangelist Pat Robertson told his viewing audience that gay men in San Francisco wear special rings that have the power to infect people with the HIV virus, causing AIDS in victims with whom the men shake hands. The unsuspecting victims’ hands are cut by the rings, Robertson says, and then somehow, HIV, the AIDS causing virus, is transmitted to them. The remark came during a discussion about a question a viewer had sent in regarding whether or not she should have given an elderly man infected with AIDS a ride to church.

Watch where Pat Robertson makes the comment about gay people in San Francisco having a special ring they use to spread AIDS.

Before you think the above is unusual, I should  tell you that not too long ago,  I was accused  by a straight woman married to a gay man, of being responsible for making her husband gay. That same women eventually forced her husband via all sorts of dark threats, guilt tripping, and financial maneuvers  to stop being my friend. No doubt part of the reason this deluded person sought and succeeded in stopping  our friendship was because she saw my influence on him as a threat to her nefarious agendas and the false sense of sexual entitlement that she felt, as a member of the heterosexual majority.  Also she rightfully reasoned that my informed approach  would undermine  her methods of control. She hoped that through the use of guilt, and emotional blackmail  she would  regain control over her gay husband and force him into continuing to playact for her a ‘straight husband’, just as he had playacted  for 29 years prior to finally embracing his true sexual orientation.  It is far from uncommon for ill informed people to think that the sexuality of an individual can be altered by coming into contact with gay people. That belief is a large part of the  drive by the uninformed  to sanitize society  of gays, and no doubt the driving force behind the hate speech aired regularly  by clergy against homosexuality, and gays.

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