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Albini records to analog tape, not because he’s in love with the sound of analog. No, he’s concerned that as digital formats continue to evolve, today’s digital recordings will be unplayable in the future. I loved the way Albini put it: “I feel it would be irresponsible to give my clients digital files as their permanent masters, knowing they would eventually disappear or become unusable, so I won’t do it. Some of the bands I work with don’t appreciate the difference, or take seriously the notion that music should outlive the people who make it, and I understand that.” Still, Albini feels that analog tape offers the best chance for recordings to survive. I agree, and analog tape can be used to create great sounding high-definition digital masters. That’s not true of the vast majority of recordings that are being made today; most are limited to 48-kHz/24-bit digital.

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